Let’s Touch Base

When I began my nomadic journey and was in the process of converting my home on wheels, I relied heavily on the van community for support.

Through answering questions, providing tips and recommendations, and simply serving as inspiration, this beyond wonderful comradeship showed me kindness again and again. Now, it’s my turn to give back. I am so passionate about this movement and the individuals within it. People are kind, interesting, and genuinely work to build each other up.

I am eager to dive deeper into the world of nomads, outdoor explorers, and creative adventurers.

I want to meet you, learn your story, collaborate, and support you however I can. Whether a business proposal, travel/van/general questions, or even just a random thought you’re having, send me a note. Notice we’re in the same area? Let’s hang out! I want to continue building and strengthening this community in any way that I possibly can. Please, please, please, reach out to me! I want to get to know you.

so we bought a van parked in Zion National Park, Utah