Embarking from Portland, Oregon...

I am following my philosophy of doing life a little differently by living and working remotely in my self-converted Sprinter. Between stories from the road, my van build, photos of my favorite adventures and more, I hope you find inspiration to get outside and see the world around you.






"For all the dirt, dust and sweat, the lifestyle is always worth it. You give up worrying about little things; just make friends with the way of things. That really changed me. My priorities have changed. I live a much more relaxed life today."



LATEST POST: Yearly Recap - 2018

"I kept debating whether to do a yearly recap, a NYE reflection post, or something that just summarized 2018 in general. But the thing is, I’m still not sure how to explain what the year was like. I went through (what I would describe as) the biggest change/transition that has ever happened in my 26 years of existence..."

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SIMPLIFYING: Tips for Tiny Living

Tiny living. It’s everywhere. AND it’s growing. Something that I don’t hear about as often is what makes tiny living work. How do you live with less? As a 25-year-old female living out of a van full-time, here is my advice to you...

6 Places We've Loved (So Far)

When you’re traveling to all 50 states of America, and some of Canada, there are endless options for beautiful destinations. While we’ve fallen in love with our entire country, there are 6 places that stole our hearts...

Phase 2: Electrical System & Insulation

The last few months have been filled with research, trial and error, and accomplished goals. Our van now has a large majority of the insulation completed and most of the wires put in place...